Can't sit still

While a road trip through Italy was amazing, some plans got moved around. I was originally supposed to continue on with part of the group all the way up to Rome, but at the last minute I figured out that it wasn't exactly in my budget. Luckily, another group came to meet up with us for Thanksgiving and were going to the one place that I had on my Crotian bucket list but had yet to visit: Zagreb. On the way? A short stop in Trieste, Italy, where one of our remotes was from! Of course, adventures ensued and nothing went as planned...

So, this week I:

  • left Italy and drove a car from Tuscany to Florence. We had to pick up another guy to add to our trip - which mean five of us and a shit ton of bags in one tiny car. But, I got to drive! I miss it sometimes. 
  • drove more and more and more...all the way to Trieste, to drop off Bambi for the night! (our friend, not the doe) We got some amazing pizza, saw the square, and ate some awesome dessert. I think I gained five pounds this week. 
  • drove yet again to Zagreb, because we figured that we'd rather drive there and spend the night and wake up there than have to drive in the morning. This also meant that we didn't have a place booked yet. When we got there, so many things happened. Nathan had no SIM card. Molly had no SIM card. My SIM card got stuck in my iPhone (from Italy) which meant I couldn't switch it back to the Croatian one. And finally, Melissa, the only one with a SIM card, forgot her SIM password and tried to input it wrong so many times that it locked her out. So four people, no data, no phone, no place to stay. Where to next?
  • ...went to McDonalds! Because free wifi. But of course, we didn't realize that this particular weekend was two huge events: the opening of the Christmas markets, some of the best in the world, and some random tennis tournament that was happening. Which meant: no hotels or AirBnBs available. At all. We ended up finding a hostel that had one four person room. We all slept in twin beds in one tiny room together and no one showered because it was kinda gross in the bathrooms, but, that's what dry shampoo is for!

The square in Trieste. Worth the creepy hostel experience in Zagreb.

  • went to the Museum of Broken Relationships, something that Chris, my old boss, told me I would love. And I did. I read every single story, and loved every minute. (Even if they were sad). Basically, it's stories of broken relationships along with an object that someone had that reminded them of that person. They donate the object and write a story and some get displayed. I took some pics of my favorite exhibits:
  • explored Zagreb and all of the things with Molly, Melissa's friend who became mine. Since Nathan and her had already seen things, we went on our own all around the city while they worked. 
  • got a little lost, visited the Christmas markets, and walked through tunnels that were used in World War II. 
  • finally made it back to Split! Being gone a week out of the month is draining when life is also happening (work and stuff!) It was nice to get back and was the first time I wasn't cramped in a tiny car or around at least 4 people. I went on a super long run the entire next day (sunday) skipped brunch (gasp!) and had some reflective thoughts and stuff. Here's me and the view of this awesome run, to the top of the park at one of the highest points in Split.

Aaaaand that about wraps up my two weeks of insanity. Home has such a weird connotation nowadays, but I can tell you that it's different yet the same every month. That makes no sense, huh? Words are hard.

Coming up? More traveling and more yes-anding everything all the time! (What'd you expect, dummy?)


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