Your Travel Blog Sucks
Your Travel Blog Sucks
A satirical document of world travels

hi, i'm lauren.

Once upon a time, I went on a life-changing "trip" called Remote Year with 75 people, where I traveled, lived and worked remotely in a different country/city every month for a year. 

Preparing for the trip, I started reading a lot of travel blogs. And they all insisted that their reality was cupcakes and unicorns. While I'm sure it will be, I never got the taste of the travel life that I wanted to read about: what goes on in people's mind before they do this kind of thing? What if I don't like anyone? What if they don't like me? Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

 I cuss and drink too often. I'm a writer and designer and calligrapher and comedian and can't do one thing for too long. I've got a lot of weird thoughts in my head that I'm convinced are totally normal. This is where I'm writing them down. 

I'm not traveling with Remote Year anymore but am continuing to travel on my own. 

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I'm currently prancing about in:

the lone star state (texas)

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