No Me Queda Mas

I'm blasting Selena on repeat and crying that I'm about to leave Mexico. It's the day before our flight and I ponder how many tacos I can fit in my mouth before 10 AM tomorrow. A city that I had my qualms with (I can't breathe, everything is dusty, my boogers are black) ended up proving that it had way more positives than negatives. Tacos. Tequila. Mezcal. La gente. La musica. Pulque. Carlos Vives. Al Pastor. Churros. Chocolate. (Wow, a lot of this is food huh?) 

The last week of Mexico was bittersweet. But mostly delicious, as usual. And the end of this month was different. While I normally feel pressured to get every single thing that I didn't do done in the last, oh, 48 hours, I had no stress about it. It may have been because it really started to feel like home. My dusty, hot apartment felt weirdly safe and normal. My daily interaction with street vendors was more comfortable than the relationship I have with some of my distant family. My schedule was balanced and I was genuinely happy. Not that I wasn't happy before (I still love you, Spain) but it was honestly the most unexpected city that captured my heart - and appetite - even though I was the most sick I've ever been on Remote Year. Like I said, it was THE ONE DAY I DIDN'T EAT TACOS. #tacos4lyfe I blame vegetables. 

This final, sad, amazing last week of Mexico, I:

  • discovered Blend Station, the best coffee shop I've ever worked from. :O Ok, well, that's dramatic. But I really can't think of another one that I've liked as much. I went three times this week because of course I found it the last week we were here. Also, the food and coffee is amazing. Go work here and never leave. 
  • went to the Mexican outlet mall. I bought nothing. It was dumb. But it was a fun outing with our city manager and her roommate. Also, the views were pretty cool. 
  • went to Siclo one last time. I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but these classes are so damn fun. Cycling in the dark with club lighting to sick beatz? Untz untz. Count me in. 
This isn't me but I wish it was. Why didn't I paint myself with highlighters before cycling?!?

This isn't me but I wish it was. Why didn't I paint myself with highlighters before cycling?!?

  • watched Netflix on my couch. What? I said it was a chill week. 
  • Made a premote friend who I now talk to quite often about 30Rock and in third person (sometimes at the same time). I also keep giving horrible advice for starting RY. (Don't forget to pack a pair of snow shoes. Don't bother bringing underwear. Prepare your liver now - quit your job early to drink more.) So far, so good! #makingadifference
  • decided to give Blend Station a break and work from somewhere else. So Jenna and I found this place and it was AWESOME. Cafebreria El Pendulo. Libros por todo! (And really good breakfast). 
  • attended Wisdom Wednesdays, a series that Melissa S. started in our group where people speak about something they're passionate about and teach us all! This week, Jenna taught us about wine. (I missed the first part because I suck, but another remote talked as well. I just drank wine.)
  • went out for beers with a lot of the RY staff (a TON were in town in CDMX) and my fellow comrades, where Gianni and Melissa matched. 

  • celebrated Sami's 200TH TACO IN MEXICO. How has he not turned into a taco?

Taco 'bout a trooper. 

Taco 'bout a trooper. 

  • had our Farewell event on the boats that now boast my Facebook profile picture. Took a bus to Xochitmitil where we all drank micheladas and beer, got on boats, ate, drank more, and Sami fell into the really gross water while trying to be a badass and jump from boat to boat. Here are some screen shots from a hilarious video. Also, these are the only photos I got from this event. Ha.
  • went to some bar afterwards and I guess hung out more? (there are no pictures of this but I know that it happened.)
  • ate Famen (fake ramen) our last night and hung out with some remotes and went to bed early the night before we left because I guess we're not the party animals we thought we all were. (And we were preparing for Colombia obviously because it is INSANE how much I've gone out here already. More on that later.)

It's crazy to think that month seven (!!!) is in the books. So I'm not going to think that. I'm just going to pretend it's still month 1 where we're all fresh-faced, exhilarated, and skinnier than we are now. 

Coming up: our first week on a new continent, Gringo Tuesdays (it's a thing), and launching a business in 7 days. 

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