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The week after a baby vacay (or what felt like one) with my parents, I seriously needed to catch up on work. But I also seriously needed to go to the Pyramids. So I did both! *insert girl with hand to the side emoji* This week I:

  • werk werk werk werk werked. Lots of phone calls. Lots of video chats. Some late nights, but it was no biggie. 
  • Ate a lot and then made up for it in the worst way possible later (which I'll talk about in a sec). Lots more tacos and a trip to El Churreria Moro, a beautifully designed churro restaurant (!!!). We had churros and chocolate and a churro ice cream sandwich and I thought I was gonna puke but oh my god it was so worth it. (hint: foreshadowing?) Though, I will say that the churro I had in Coyoacan was much better - but this place had the ambiance to match the deliciousness. 
  • woke up super early the next morning to hike the Pyramids in Teotihuacan. A group of us hadn't been able to go and it's only about an hour and a half away via Uber (thanks Mexican Uber for your $12 1.5 hour car rides XOXO). This particular pyramid is also the tallest climbable one in the world! (with some pretty steep steps to boot) Gina, Jenna, Morgan and myself took plenty of cool AF photos and then made it back in time for our RY Town Hall meeting at 12 PM. (Impressive huh? Also apologies for so many abbrevs.)
  • got hit with horrible food poisoning which threw me on my ass for 2 days (and is still having some adverse effects). No idea what it was, but it was so bad that I couldn't muster much else than shivering in the fetal position in my bed all day in between running to the bathroom trying not to miss the toilet. I managed to make it downstairs to the pharmacy where I bought more water and pedialyte because I was so freakin' dehydrated. I drank it all and slept about 16 hours. I woke up the next morning at like 7 AM, bright-eyed and bushy tailed but still unable to eat. But I felt a LOT better and REALLY needed some human interaction, so I dragged myself into the workspace. 
Don't be fooled by the single type of Pedialyte. I definitely had multiple forms of my food coming up. 

Don't be fooled by the single type of Pedialyte. I definitely had multiple forms of my food coming up. 

  • became convinced that alcohol cures food poisoning. A ton of people were out of town this weekend so only a handful of us were at the coworking space. Sami and I went for tacos (well, he ate. I watched.) and then beers at this awesome swing bar. There were swings at the bar! I don't have a photo of this, but I do have one of the delicious micheladas we had. 
Swing swing from the chamoy of my heart. 

Swing swing from the chamoy of my heart. 

  • went back to the workspace where I had a video call at 7 PM on a Friday, but it luckily didn't last too long. 
  • went home to get ready for a really cool speakeasy that I made a reservation at for everyone that was in town! Hanky Panky is supes secret - Google maps will lead you to the wrong address. After upping the resi from my original 6 people to 15, we showed up not sure what to expect. Dudes. You must go here if you're in CDMX. And do me a favor and #lookbackatit when you leave - you may not realize what you're walking through.  

Also, if you're looking for a drink with a chocolate bunny attached to the bottom that you can awkwardly eat while drinking - this is your place. 

Make a reservation by messaging them on their Facebook page. 

  • ended up going out to a gay club to dance because that's what happens when you drink fancy drinks at a speakeasy. When we got there, a bunch of Remote Year staff was also there which is rare and made it really fun! We danced until I could no longer drop it low. (no photos because it was so dark and I may or may not have taken videos which will be seen at a later time) 
  • went to bed and woke up wanting to shop. Na. We ended up going to brunch and decided that it was too beautiful outside to not sit on a patio and drink. So we did just that. This weekend was one of the glorious ones that didn't require early wake-up calls, trains to catch, planes to fly on, or rental cars to pick up - and that's what made it awesome. Morgan's salad made her cry (she ate a habanero accidentally), we found a place that served peanuts and 40s, and ended up eating dinner and going home early, which is always nice after a long day of alcohol consumption. 

^the above is "chilled avocado soup" aka "avocados on the 'liquify' mode in a blender". Still good. 

  • woke up the next day and decided that brunch sounded good AGAIN, so Michael and Sami and I headed to another patio and had THE BEST CHILAQUILES YET. I've had a bunch here, but the ones at Deck are NOT to be missed. Go here
Chilaquiles with NO CHILL. 

Chilaquiles with NO CHILL. 

  • decided that today was also too nice to not be on patios, but we one-upped ourselves (literally) and made it a rooftop day. Pretty sure we ended up on three rooftops, which were all just. lovely. I of course only have one picture of one of them. But Hotel D.F Condesa's is below. (We also ventured to Milan 44 and some other random one that I honestly don't remember the name of because it was dark outside and we just walked in). 
Hotel D.F. Condesa is the perfect place to NGAF on a Sunday.

Hotel D.F. Condesa is the perfect place to NGAF on a Sunday.

  • completed our goal of finding the CAMOTE MAN! (Sweet potato man). Mexico City has an abundance of people in cars and carts and trucks either selling things or picking them up (a separate post on this is coming in the near future.) One of them is the man who sells sweet potatoes, and in this case, bananas, which are roasted and then covered in Lechara (sweetened condensed milk). SO GOOOOOD. I preferred the sweet potato to the banana, but I'd recommend trying both. You can't beat 30 pesos for fruits and veggies covered in sweet sauce. (You can't go wrong with most any kind of sauce. Y'all should know how I feel about this by now.)
  • made it home early after a couple lonnnggg days to prepare for the week ahead. 

I know I mentioned it before, but this was such a laid-back weekend. Haven't had one of those in a long time - you know the ones - where you wake up at 7 AM and forget it's Saturday so you roll back over until 9 and then face the fact that you're not doing anything today. *cue Bruno Mars' "The Lazy Song"* After being sick, I was SO thankful to not be traveling and to spend time with a smaller group of people than normal. was also our last weekend in CDMX. :'( And yet, I wouldn't have spent it any other way. 

COMING UP: our last week before hopping the wall, my obsession with Blend Station, premotes that stalk you, and more boat rides + booze!


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