I've decided to do weekly recaps of actual things I'm doing so that 1. I don't forget because lawdy, I've been drinking a lot and 2. to let people back home know that I'm still alive. (Hi, mom! Sorry I put the word "sucks" in my blog name!) Basically, this is where I'll put the pictures and shit.

So here we go! It's been a week and I feel like I've known these people for years. It's weird but weirdly awesome. Even crazier? I STILL HAVE NOT MET EVERYONE. There are so many people and it's obviously overwhelming to shove us all in a room together and expect to be besties in a week. But the ones I have met? Great. Interesting. Curious. Everyone loves to learn and laugh and I feel like we're all in our own little version of Eat, Pray, Love.

I expected to not trust anyone and generally be a the only weirdo on this trip, but it turns out that everyone is awesome and everyone likes to do all of the things. Seriously.

"Want to go to Greece?" "Yeah!" "Ok!" *someone books the flight on their phone*

We're all so trusting and adventurous and it's amazing. (At least right now, but I can tell you there will be lows, I'm sure.) I can't even begin to think what my bank account will look like if I continue to live like this, but I'm gonna try SO hard to make it work.  (P.S. Please hire me.)

A quick recap of my week in bullets and pictures because people don't have time to READ, YOU'VE GOT WORK TO DO! I:

  • Had an amazing dinner at this Italian place where I literally ate pasta out of a wheel of cheese and geez. us. it. was. good. 
  • Had the best sangria ever (at the Italian restaurant because: irony)
  • Toured a gym that was way too expensive and had to wear some ridiculous medical-like booties over my shoes
  • Went to a bar at the top of a parking garage (appropriately named "Park")
  • Had a potluck dinner with our building 
  • Had some of the best Indian food I've ever had in my life (Navin's is still up there though!)
  • Played 4 on 4 FUTBOL for the first time since I was, I don't know, 12 years old? Nearly died from exhaustion/being hungover but I persevered and we won!
  • Took a walking tour of Downtown Lisbon and it is what postcards were made for.
  • Had multiple people offer me drugs on the street
  • Went to a bar that used to be used for prostitution (it had a stripper pole still, Ye Olde Whore would've been an appropriate name)
  • Figured out how to get lost on the metro
  • Saw an amazing cathedral (One of many that I will see, I'm sure)
  • Tasted a bunch of wine in a giant room of wine aka heaven
  • Went to a beer museum that had a creepy AF fake man that I thought was real
  • Had some weird ass food (Cod cakes? Shrimp pie? Mushy brown meat stuff? I put it all in my mouth.)
  • Found and bought calligraphy stuff!
  • Saw amazing street art (it's everywhere here and all of it rules)


  • Booked an airbnb and train to Porto with 5 other RY people
  • Booked a flight to Greece for $40 ROUND TRIP I COULDN'T SAY NO!
  • Stood on another rooftop while channeling Kate from Titanic
  • Watched the sun rise at a bar (This is big, I am normally a grandma.)
  • Went to K Urban Beach and realized that it was basically a bunch of 13 year olds (Yup.) but danced anyway and got a few free drinks thanks to some nice young men and their bottle service that I invaded somehow. If I show up on "How To Catch A Predator" while here, you'll know why. 


  • Went to a music festival in a forest
  • Consumed way more alcohol than I maybe ever have
  • Walked more than I probably ever have - I'm logging an AVERAGE of 15,000 steps a DAY.
  • Lost weight - it's this new trend I'm starting called "dralking" - drinking and walking.
  • Found someone's pants in the trash

I'm guessing that not every week will be this jam packed. My sleeping pattern is a mess and no one can say no. Pretty sure there will be a post about learning how to do that later. But for now, I'm yes-anding the hell out of this thing. (Big ups to Dallas Comedy House for that life lesson.) I thought improv was important when I took it, but I'm slowly learning that IMPROV-ing my life is greatly improving it. 

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