Really feeling the Latin music lately, y'all. Colombia's put a spell on me and all I can do is dance. This week was jam-packed with events, dancing, and aguardiente. Let's keep it short n' sweet, shall we? This week I:

  • attended a Zumba class in which I sweat profusely at. If I'm expected to keep on all my makeup and not put my hair in a ponytail at the club, there's no way I'm gonna let it all out because clearly when I do I look like a wet rat. No pics because we were dancing, but a valuable lesson learned. Great workout, doe.
  • went to Gringo Tuesdays again, but this time for the Language Exchange. The bar, La Villa, has one every Tuesday before the lights go out and the beats turn up. I joined a group of "Basic" English speakers (no basic jokes, plz) and practiced as much Spanish as I could. Honestly? We talked a lot about food and traveling. But it was good and I met some very nice Colombian people who only further convinced me to go to San Andres (which I just booked a trip for WOO). 
  • attended a little bit of Gringo Tuesday afterwards. It's kind of funny - one minute you're sitting on stools carrying on a conversation about how Texans all say "howdy" (ugh) and the next you're being asked to kindly stand up, pop, lock, and drop it. I'm being dramatic. But it is pretty abrupt. The next thing we knew the lights were turned down and the music was turned WAY up. I wasn't really feelin' it this week though, so we left a little early. However, the best part about this night? Kash icing himself. ON PURPOSE WHAT WERE YOU THINKING KASH???
2 for 1 Smirnoff Ice is my JAM BRAH

2 for 1 Smirnoff Ice is my JAM BRAH

  • sang "Despacito" over and over and over again because this damn song is so catchy. Go ahead, click and listen to it. 

  • attended another "Wisdom Wednesday" where we learned a lot of cool stuff! Andrei taught us about start-ups and Brian graced us with some very odd and forward questions that make for great conversation. Some fun responses were heard, and we were all VERY open. I now know far too many of my friends' sexual fantasies. 
Much wednesday. Very wisdom. 

Much wednesday. Very wisdom. 

  • Checked out Chelarte, a craft beer place and restaurant. Had these fish tacos which ended up kinda being a fish taco salad because four flour tortillas was pretty aggressive for one order. The beer was aight, the company was better. (Hint: the Raquel Pale Ale was the best one.)
  • went to another Sofar Sounds show! Also got to see one of my old RY Besties, Lauren! (If you're an avid reader you'll know that she left a few months ago to travel on her own). We grabbed drinks together and then headed to the show - Becca and Mai also came! It was...interesting, as you'll see by the outfits these guys are rocking. 
  • got locked out of my apartment for the second time because I'm an idiot. I wasn't even drunk. I left my spare keys (the only ones that the RY team had) in my apartment and didn't realize it since the door locks on its own. Turns out, there was nothing I could do but spend a bunch of money on a locksmith or just wait it out...unfortunately, I had a waterfall hike the next morning and was super bummed that I'd miss it due to not having clothes. Then, lo and behold, Jenna saved the day! I texted her and ended up staying in her apartment and she lent me clothes to do the hike with. Which you'll see below was very much worth it. 
Just chillin' in my hallway while locked out. NBD.

Just chillin' in my hallway while locked out. NBD.

  • Did a Positive Impact event at a beautiful spot - La Chorrera. Though...didn't really feel like we made much impact, besides arepas. But it was still cool! We made the cheese to make arepas, then made the arepas, and then consumed them. Mmm. Also, we carried some plywood down to this area and "translated" some flora and fauna names for signs - though I'm not sure what for, as the signs that we saw were all properly translated. ANYWAY, it was beautiful and I'm glad I did it! Andrei found a dog he loved, we had a great Colombian meal, and got some much needed fresh air. It'd be an awesome place for a getaway weekend. 
  • got back to the city, quickly showered and changed, and headed to a Brewery Tour! We checked out three breweries/brew pubs that were pretty cool. Unfortunately, I took hardly any pictures and can't remember the name of one of them...but highly recommend El Mono Bandido for beer/dinner and 3Carites especially for beer. One is a pale ale made with ginger that is seriously SO GOOD. 
  • did one of the coolest things ever: CAVES! Well, more than just caves. Going into caves, climbing rocks, falling off them into water...a super cool experience. And my second hike in two days because I'm SOOOO outdoorsy. We hiked a few hours to these caves, went in them, had to navigate really tiny openings and scale slippery rocks, and then hike all the way back in the pouring rain. We ended the day with an amazing meal, the Bandeja Paisa - a HUGE plate of food with various types of pork, eggs, and avocado. SO GOOOOOOODDDDDD.

Do you see this amazing creation above? PLEASE get yourself a Bandeja Paisa in Colombia. Es muy rico. 

  • got home and was going to go out but was so exhausted from hiking all weekend that I just went to bed. It was nice. I caught up on Brooklyn Nine Nine and slept in my amazing bed (god I miss that bed so much). 
  • woke up Sunday morning and rode Ciclovia with Michael, because I love torturing my quads apparently. We rode a ton, found the biggest dance class I've ever seen, saw some cool street art, then met some peeps for brunch! 

AAAAND phew what a week. And so many more to write about. Colombia is amazing and I'm loving every moment of it.

Coming up: An insane music festival weekend, and me questioning the fact why I can't find sour pickles anywhere. 


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