Eat Your Heart Out: Japan

Hello, fellow food-lovers! While my blog has been an awesome outlet for me as far as telling people my feelings, letting people know what I did, what I recommend, yadda yadda yadda, I find that some things are better said through photos. If one photo equals 1000 words and I put up two photos, that's like an entire blog post in like, two seconds and zero time! AMAZING! Technology is amazing, huh?

Anywho, not that I'm devaluing writing or anything like that, but I've realized one thing about certain parts of this blog: y'all wanna know what I'm eating, tasting, licking, and spitting out. Right? (No jokes, plz. And if your mind is in the gutter I don't blame you but just like, don't comment k?)

Without further ado, I am launching my new food series: Eat Your Heart Out! Less words, more photos. Well, okay, like, no words, pretty much. 

Feel free to drool or ooh or ahh or be like,

"wtf Lauren why would you ever put that in your mouth?"

I DUNNO, because I could. YOLO and stuff, right?

My first post kicks off with one of my favorite countries to date: JAPAN. For your viewing pleasure, here's everything I ate!

Also, probably don't need to say this, but FYI these pics aren't meant to be super "insta-worthy" but more like,

"I ate/drank dis in this country and it wuz good/horrible/amazing/looked cool".


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